We are looking forward to your pet’s stay with us! We just need some info to help us best take care of your pet. Please take the time to review the below policies and provide the information in the spaces marked with *.

Boarding Contracts

  • PLEASE NOTE: Have you already contacted our office to schedule your pet's boarding reservation? If not, please contact 817-735-8700 opt #2 prior to completing this boarding contract.
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  • Flea Prevention We require that all guests are CURRENT on their flea prevention and can only accept flea prevention brands APPROVED by our veterinarian. If you selected 'none,' or 'other' or it is determined that your pet is not current on his/her flea prevention, The Retreat staff will require your pet to have current prevention applied upon arrival.

    Parasite control We require that your pet has received a fecal analysis (centrifuged with giardia testing) within the past 6 months to ensure that he/she is free of internal parasites which could be potentially contagious to other guests and staff. THIS POLICY APPLIES TO ALL BOARDING GUESTS AND PLAY CARE GUESTS. If a fecal test determines that your pet is positive for intestinal parasites one of our doctors can prescribe either a dewormer or antibiotic for treatment. Any dog exhibiting signs of GI disease must be immediately removed from playcare and cannot resume playcare until symptoms have been treated/resolved, whether medically or on their own. In order to help accommodate boarding needs for your pet, we will allow for guests that are NON-ELIGIBLE for Playcare (within the guidelines of this giardia policy) to board in our Retreat Rooms only, they will however not be allowed to participate in Playcare during their boarding stay and will be walked in designated relief rooms to allow for proper isolation of parasite.

  • Feeding

  • _ cups every _ hours
  • In the event that your pet runs out of food while boarding, we will feed Purina Gastrointestinal E/N Veterinary Diet.

    Medications/Heartworm prev. If you have not applied heartworm prevention this month, we are happy to provide it at a small charge. We can also administer any oral or injectable medications you bring with your pet for an additional cost. All medications must be brought in original RX containers with original labels.

  • If yes, please let us know the following information.
  • Belongings You are welcome to bring a maximum of three items that will be in your pet’s room with him/her. This includes items such as blankets, beds, and toys (please, no rawhide unless it is either granulated or compressed due to choking hazards.) If you bring MORE than three items (not including food &/or medications) our staff will ask for you to choose only 3 items to leave with your pet during check-in. We do ask that you bring your pet’s medications, if any as well as their own food if you do not wish to use ours. We have the ability to provide raised bedding and bowls. If you do bring extra items (blankets, toys, bones, bowls) be aware that they may get set aside for safety or sanitation purposes. We cannot guarantee that all of these items will be returned in the same condition which they were left in.

  • As of 2020, we are excited to offer "All Inclusive" Boarding! No need to bring any beds, blankets, toys, or even food. We've got your pet covered! All we ask is that you bring your pet's medications or prescription diet. Let us know at check-in if your pet will arrive in a carrier or wearing a collar/leash and we will keep those safe for you during his/her stay!
  • Please review below policies, provide emergency contact info, and sign/date below to complete boarding contract

  • Vaccinations All pets must be up to date on the following vaccines unless specified otherwise by a doctor. Canine vaccines include annual Rabies, DA2PP and Influenza, and Bordetella every 6 months. Feline vaccines include annual Rabies, FDRCP (and Feline Leukemia is strongly recommended).

    Drop-Off Protocol The day of drop off we know our clients can be in a time crunch, that is why we now have our boarding contract online at cowtownvet.com. Our preferred drop off times for boarding are from 7am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday and 8am-11am on Saturday. We do not offer Sunday drop off at this time

    Pick-Up Protocol We know you are anxious to get your baby home, but we have a few requests. Our preferred pickup times are from 8am-6pm Monday-Friday and 9am-12pm on Saturday. We also offer pick-ups on Sunday. Sunday pick-ups must be arranged with Retreat staff and a small convenience fee will apply.

  • Illness while boarding Please be informed that it is not uncommon for pets to not eat or have diarrhea while boarding. We keep a clean, calm, routine based facility but pets can become stressed or overexcited easily in unfamiliar settings. Your pet's health and safety is very important to us. We will inform you of any issues your pet may have while boarding and ethically, we are required to treat them accordingly.

  • While my dog(s) is/are in the care and custody of The Retreat, if I am unreachable in the event of an illness, I hereby authorize The Retreat at Arlington Heights Animal Hospital to have my pet examined with an Arlington Heights Animal Hospital doctor and be medically treated. I understand that all costs in connection with, veterinary, medical or other treatment shall be my responsibility but will be treated within reasonable ethical cost.

  • EMERGENCIES: If an emergency should arise while your pet is being boarded we will contact you immediately. In the event we are unable to contact you, necessary healthcare will be provided at a cost to the owner. In life threatening situations the doctors will provide any necessary treatments in order to save the pets life. We will always contact you regarding your pets health, however In the event of a life-threatening emergency, there is not always time. If you do not wish for your pet to be treated in case of such an emergency please choose the option below.

  • Please list contacts in the order we should use in case of emergency.

  • Let us update you with pics and little notes!
  • I have read and understand this boarding contract and agree to all of the terms and conditions. I also agree to pay for all services rendered upon the release of my animal.

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