Welcome to The Retreat at Arlington Heights Animal Hospital!

Pet Boarding in Fort Worth TX

Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your loved one. We have compiled an itinerary to help prepare you for your pets boarding stay, as well as answer any questions you may have.

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Boarding Agreement Contract


The Retreat:
Monday-Friday 7:00am-6:00pm
Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm

Sunday Release: 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Monday-Friday: 8:00am – 12:00pm, 1:30pm – 5:00pm

Monday-Friday, Drop off: 8:00am – 8:30am

How to contact us…

During our normal office hours it is best to get the answers you need by calling us at the phone number listed above. In the time that we are closed we request that you use our email to get in contact with us if needed or if you do not have email available please leave a message on our answering machine and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Retreat Entrance… We are an extension of Arlington Heights Animal Hospital and are located on the first floor at the Montgomery St. side of the AHAH building.

Things to consider before boarding…


Before boarding your pet with us we require proof that he/she is current on the following vaccines and routine tests:

Canine: Rabies, DHPP, 6-month Bordetella, Influenza (both the H3N8 Influenza and the H3N2 Influenza), and a 6-month Fecal Analysis (centrifuged with GIARDIA testing)

Feline: Rabies, FDRCP, Feline Leukemia and a 6-month Fecal analysis (centrifuged with GIARDIA testing)

Vaccine history can be faxed to 817-735-4978 or emailed to [email protected] .com. We can schedule an appointment with Dr. Billy or Dr. Jimmy in order for your pet to receive any out of date vaccines/services prior to boarding at your request.


We aim to have a parasite free environment for your pet. We require that your pet have received flea prevention in the last 30 days and we also strongly recommend a monthly heartworm preventative be administered once monthly to both our canine and feline guests. If you have not applied flea prevention in the last 30 days we can do it for you at a small charge. If fleas are discovered, we will require an immediate action preventative as well as a topical preventative.

Want to see where your pet will be staying? Ask for a tour of The Retreat!

Parasite Control

We ask that your pet has received a fecal analysis within the past 6 months to ensure that he/she is free of intestinal parasites which could be potentially contagious to other guests and staff. If a fecal test determines that your pet is positive for intestinal parasites Dr. Davis will prescribe either a dewormer or antibiotic for treatment.


We know some pets may require medications or supplements to be given while here. Please let us know if your pet has medication(s) that need to be administered. We are happy to give any medication as many times daily as needed for a small fee of $4 per day. (not including injectable drugs). We will take detailed instructions when you drop off regarding the medications.


We are proud to provide a full service certified groomer on staff Monday-Friday. We would love to send your pet home with a new style or a fresh bath but request that you let us know when booking your pet’s stay if grooming services are required. Our grooming has been growing in popularity and we cannot always promise a spot if booked the day of.

Illness/Special needs while boarding

We are a full service veterinary hospital as well as a retreat for your pets more luxurious services. We often have pets that stay with us that have ongoing medical issues or special needs. Our staff is well trained on how to care for each individual case. We are glad to accommodate your pet to the best of our abilities to make sure it’s stay is as comfortable as it can be. Please let us know ahead of time of any preexisting conditions, or illness that your pet may need to have monitored or examined by the doctor.

Drop off protocol

The day of drop off we know our clients can be in a time crunch, this is why we offer over the phone pre-check in. Otherwise we ask that you prepare for about 10 minute check-in process. Our preferred check-in times for boarding are from 7am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday and 8am-11am on Saturday. We do not offer Sunday drop off at this time. Canine guests can be dropped off at The Retreat entrance located on the first floor at the Montgomery side of the AHAH building. Feline guests can be dropped off at the main clinic entrance upstairs.


Extended Stay Discount: We do offer a boarding discount on pets staying over 10 nights, with providing 1 night free for every 10 nights boarded.

Multi-Pooch Discount: We offer a 25% discount off of the second pet for same family dogs sharing a retreat room/cottage.

In case you were wondering, while your pet is here…

Illness while boarding

In the case that your pet becomes ill while boarding we will contact you immediately. It is not uncommon for pets to become anxious during boarding which can cause inappetance or what is called stress colitis. We keep a clean, calm, routine based kennel but any pet can become stressed or overexcited in unfamiliar settings. We will inform you of any issues your pet may have during boarding and treat them upon your approval. If we are unable to reach you, we will treat the symptoms as cost effectively as possible.


You are welcome to bring anything you would like your pet to have during boarding. All we request for you to bring is your pet, its diet, and any medications to be given during boarding. We have the ability to provide raised bedding, bowls, and food if you choose not to bring your pet’s own diet. If you bring extra items (blankets, toys, bones, bowls) be aware that they may get set aside for safety or sanitation purposes. We cannot guarantee that all of these items will be returned in the same condition which they were left in.


We are proud to feed Science Diet Sensitive Stomach for our in house kennel food at no extra cost to the owner. If your pet is on a specific diet we encourage you to bring their food and feeding instructions. Our staff will feed your pet per your instruction and as often as needed.

Playcare & Kitty Romper Room

While most pets are fine to be in their rooms getting some R & R, we know a lot of owners like to break up their dogs or cats day with a bit of activity to take their mind off things. For our canine guests, we offer a completely indoor play area for your pets and can provide one session daily for pets that are boarding (additional cost may apply.) The Playcare groups are organized according to pet size, personality and sometimes age depending on the pet’s health status. Our Playcare coordinator normally assesses each pet with the best fitting group and will help them integrate into the pack. For our feline guests, they will receive daily outings in our Kitty Romper Room.

In case of emergency

If an emergency should arise while your pet is being boarded we will contact you immediately. In the event we are unable to contact you, necessary healthcare will be provided at a cost to the owner. In life threatening situations the doctors will provide any necessary treatments in order to save the pets life. If you do not wish for your pet to be treated in case of such an emergency please notate these wishes on your boarding contract (filled out during guest drop off.)

Pick-Up Protocol

We know you are anxious to get your baby home, but we have a few requests. Our preferred pickup times are from 8am-6pm Monday-Friday and 9am-12pm on Saturday. We also offer a Sunday pick-up time between 5pm and 6pm. Sunday pickup entails a small convenience fee of 20$ but you will not be charged for Sunday day or evening.

We welcome your feedback!

Dr. Billy, Dr. Jimmy, and the entire Arlington Heights Animal Hospital staff take great pride in caring your pet. Please let us know how you and your pet enjoyed your experience at The Retreat. Please feel free to contact Jaclyn Beene (The Retreat Manager) or Brandi Marin (Practice Manager) with any questions or concerns.