Want to learn more about your pet’s boarding stay? Watch our video Retreat tour below!

Pet Retreat & Play Care

Retreat Rooms: All Retreat Room guests will receive 3 relief outings throughout the day with breakfast & dinner provided (unless guest has special dietary needs.) Amenities include soft bedding and elevated food/water bowls. *PlayCare sessions can be added

Cozy Room21sqft$31.50/night
Comfy Room28sqft$36.00/night
Large Room35sqft$40.00/night

25% off additional guest(s) in same room—same client account only

Seaside Cottages on the Boardwalk: Guests will love the scenic view of the Boardwalk Play Yard in their very own all-inclusive Seaside Cottage. All Boardwalk guests will have a fun-filled day including daily PlayCare sessions with relief outings, doggie cot, & a relaxing massage during their stay.

Seaside Cottage35sqft$52.50/night

25% off additional guest(s) in same room—same client account only

Cowtownvet PlayCare: Your pooch will have a blast romping around our indoor Boardwalk Play Yard! This includes morning &/or afternoon playtime with our staff and other PlayCare guests. Every PlayCare Pooch will receive a personality assessment to determine their “Social Status” before the first session at no additional charge. *sessions available Monday-Friday

A.M. or P.M. Session$16.50/session
PlayCare All day$27.50/day
PlayCare Week- Session$66.00/week
PlayCare Week- All day$110.00/week

Cat Boarding: Your cat will love his/her kitty condo with a view of the FW cultural district & kitty romper room playtime included!

Kitty Kondo$26.50/night

ALL BOARDERS: Medication ad min fee: $4.00/per day