Four out of five animals over the age of three have some form of periodontal disease. Because of this buildup of plaque, it is so important for your pet to get their teeth checked and cleaned on a regular basis.

Dental disease can lead to many other issues. Besides causing obvious harm to your pet’s mouth, it also causes problems with your pet’s organs including their kidneys, liver, and heart.

You have been told that it is important to brush your teeth daily, and it is equally important for your pets. Their teeth and gums need regular dental care too.

Pets are very good at hiding their pain. You may not even know that your pet is having serious dental issues until it is very advanced. For this reason, your pet needs to have regular checkups. We want to catch your pet’s dental problems before it gets any worse.

Another benefit of routine checkups and dental cleanings is that your pet’s breath will smell much better!

Our practice is proud to offer regular examinations and dental cleanings to our patients. Our friendly and qualified veterinarians will ensure that your pet has the best oral health possible. If you ever have questions before, during, or after your pet’s appointment, you are always welcome to ask us.

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