“Playing it Safe”: Bi-annual Aseptic Maintenance in The Retreat

We are so very appreciative of our clients entrusting us with the care of their furry family members. As a Fort Worth veterinary clinic, we understand the importance of this role & it is not a responsibility which we take lightly. At The Retreat, our goal is to offer a FUN and SAFE environment for all pets entrusted in our care. A very important part of that is routine practices of sanitation for the purpose of preventing any possibility of disease outbreak or spread in our facility.

Our goal is to always be proactice rather than reactive in hopes to best protect our AHAH patients and guests. Because of this, The Retreat team is thoroughly trained in practicing the best daily aseptic measures each day in order to help prevent the potential of disease/virus exposure in our clinic. In addition to these daily practices, as of 2017, The Retreat has implemented a policy of scheduled Bi-Annual Antiseptic Maintenace.

In order to acheive best aseptic practices, we ask that Play Care and Grooming be closed on Aseptic Maintenance days. We understand the importance of convenience and routine that The Retreat offers for Play Care & Grooming guests, therefore our staff will strive to offer ample warning in the event of closing for a maintenance day.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and understanding in our attempt to always offer the absolute best standards for all of our Arlington Heights Animal Hospital friends!

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