Play Care Pooch of the Week: Buster

Our Pooch of the Week is Buster! He is a two year old Labrador Retriever Mix. Buster has been coming to Play Care at The Retreat for a year and has shown so much improvement during his time with us. He has become much more social and loving to other animals. Buster is a total sweetheart and loves to be around the Retreat Staff as well! He enjoys wrestling and running around the play yard with his puppy mates. Buster, thank you for being so sweet and awesome! We love you! 🙂

Buster and Jaggar 11

Buster and Jaggar 10

Buster and Jaggar 7

Buster and Jaggar 8

Buster and Jaggar 6

Buster and Jaggar 2

Buster 2

Buster 1

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