Canine Influenza Alert

canine influenza cowtown

The CDC has declared an outbreak of canine influenza in the midwest after more than 1,000 dogs have been affected in Chicago and other areas.

We urge all dog owners to protect their dogs with a canine influenza vaccination. With the increase of cases in our region, vaccination could be a potentially life saving choice.

It’s also important for dog owners to be observant of changes in their dog’s body or behavior. The initial symptoms of the virus include runny nose, fever, and a persistent cough.

At The Retreat, we have always required the Canine Influenza vaccine for our boarding, grooming, and play care guests in attempt to protect our patients and guests from the virus. The current Canine Influenza vaccine being used at animal hospitals nation wide protects against the H3N8 strain of influenza. In regards to the Chicago outbreak, scientists have determined that this is a different strain known as H3N2. With that being said, Dr. Billy and Dr. Jimmy still advise ALL pets, especially those in boarding/grooming/doggie day care environments, be vaccinated with the current Canine Influenza vaccine in order to offer some sort of protection from the virus.

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