5 Reasons to Change Your Dog’s Diet

5 Reasons to Change Your Dogs DietYour dog probably has one type of food that they eat all of the time. Maybe they’ve gotten so used to it that it seems absolutely ludicrous to change. After all, you know that your dog enjoys it, and you know where to find it in the grocery store. But your dog’s body changes as time goes by, so you need to pay attention to how their diet affects their health.

If it’s not meeting all of their needs, it’s time to change it up!

5 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Dog’s Diet

  • 1. Your Dog’s Coat Is Unhealthy
  • The fur of a dog is a big sign to how they’re reacting to the nutrients they are getting in their food. If their diet is lacking in fatty acids, then their coat will look dull and their skin will be flaky. You’re looking for dog food that is rich in either Omega 3 or 6 to keep their coats shiny and their skin safe from harm.

  • 2. Your Dog Has Gained Weight
  • When your dog has started to put on a few extra pounds in their midsection, this is a good sign that you need to change their food. Even just a few extra ounces can really slow down a dog, and it can open them up to a variety of potential health problems too. Take advantage of diet dog foods that can give them the same amount of essential nutrients without giving them the extra pounds.

  • 3. Your Dog Is Elderly
  • As dog’s get older, they’ll need extra consideration to stay nimble. As soon as your dog turns five years old, they’re considered middle-aged. They’re going to need fewer calories and more fiber, which may be difficult to introduce to a pet that’s been indulging for the past few years.

    Puppies certainly can’t handle everything you give them, but they can adapt much better than an older dog can. Look for diets that can give your dog’s joints more life, or diets that have plenty of antioxidants. A food that’s made specifically for younger pets will just be laden with caloric ingredients that your senior dog simply doesn’t need. If you’re not sure you can visit your vet and ask for a comprehensive senior wellness exam, and your vet will review this information with you and more.

  • 4. Your Dog Is Itchy
  • Normally an itchy dog is an allergic dog, and the easiest culprit to check is generally their food. By switching your dog’s diet out for something a little simpler or less processed, you have a chance to do an easy control experience. By only altering one thing in their environment at a time, you can eliminate certain causes as you go. Of course, you can always take your dog to our vets to find out more about what they may be reacting to.

  • 5. Your Dog Is Having Stomach Problems

Sure, maybe your dog got sick because you gave them part of your sandwich yesterday, or it could be that their body can no longer process their normal diet. Just like humans have different tastes and needs as they get older, so too do dogs.

Talk to our staff at Arlington Heights Animal Hospital today to find out more about the best products and strategies when it comes to getting your dog a diet that can make them feel better from head to tail!

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